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Reaching your goals is like traveling up a high mountain.

 Welcome to a community where knowledge flourishes and families flourish with it.


I am thrilled that you are reading this post.  Let me start from the beginning!     

     I am a dedicated daughter, mother, wife, sister,  teacher and academic coach. I thrive on fostering a love for learning in my family, my students and fellow educators. With a Master of Education degree and years of experience, I've honed my skills in organizing chaos to enhance productivity, particularly for families navigating the demands of education and daily life.

My journey began with a simple yet profound goal: empowering parents and students with effective study habits and organizational strategies to achieve balance. This vision led me to create Mom's Study Habits, a platform with invaluable resources, insightful ebooks, and practical tools designed to streamline learning experiences, unlock academic potential, and create work-life balance.

At, I share many resources, from insightful blog posts to personalized coaching, designed to help families with busy schedules and academic demands. From study tips to organization hacks, my goal is to empower families to create a nurturing environment where curiosity thrives, productivity soars, and bonds strengthen.

My blog aims to share my expertise, insights, and experiences to inspire and guide individuals and families on not only their educational journey but life journey as well. Whether you're seeking tips on time management, study techniques, or holistic approaches to everyday successes, you'll find a wealth of information tailored to meet your needs.

Join me on this journey of growth, discovery, and endless possibility. The path to success and family harmony has never been more attainable. Join me as we embark on a quest for knowledge, growth, and productivity. Together, let's transform chaos into clarity and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

Welcome to Shah Paree's Blog!

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