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Sometimes You Just Need to Ask for Help the Right Way!

Updated: May 21

Sometimes You Just Need to Ask for Help the Right Way!

Hey there, fellow busy mom! Are you juggling more balls than a circus performer, and occasionally dropping a few? Well I've got some pearls of wisdom to share on the delicate dance of asking for help from your partner without turning into a nagging nuisance. Sometimes you just need to ask for help, but the right way. Let's dive in!

1. Know Thyself (and Thy Schedule): Before you even think about enlisting your partner's support, take a good, hard look at your own schedule. Are you trying to cram in a week's worth of tasks into a single day? Be realistic about what you can accomplish on your own, and then strategize about what tasks could be delegated to your other half.

2. Timing is Everything: Remember that scene in every sitcom ever where the protagonist asks for a favor right as their partner is walking out the door? Yeah, don't be that person. Catch your partner at a time when they're relaxed and receptive, like after dinner or during a commercial break of their favorite show.

3. Make it a Two-Way Street: Asking for help shouldn't feel like you're issuing orders from a managerial position. Approach the conversation with a spirit of collaboration, and be willing to reciprocate when your partner needs assistance in return. It's all about teamwork!

4. Be Specific (But Not Too Specific): Instead of blurting out a laundry list of demands, hone in on one or two key tasks that would make the biggest difference in your day. And for the love of all that is holy, avoid micromanaging your partner's approach to completing said tasks. Trust that they can handle it without your constant supervision.

5. Show Gratitude (With Bonus Points for Flattery): When your partner comes through in the clutch and saves the day, make sure they know just how much you appreciate their efforts. A little praise goes a long way, folks. And hey, if you feel so inclined, throw in a compliment about how fetching they look while taking out the trash. Positive reinforcement, baby!

6. Let It Go: Finally, listen up all busy moms! I know we are guilty of this! Perhaps the most important lesson here, learn to let go of the need for everything to be done exactly your way. Your partner might not fold the laundry with military precision or load the dishwasher in your preferred Tetris-like fashion, but hey, at least they're pitching in, right? Choose your battles wisely, my friend. Let your spouse feel confidence in the work they are doing.

Now, sometimes you just need to ask for help the right way. Now that you know how, start with the tips above. You are now armed with these nuggets of wisdom, go conquer your to-do list with the help of your beloved partner-in-crime. And remember, if all else fails, bribery in the form of homemade cookies has been known to work wonders. Happy collaborating!

P.S. Don't forget to share your own tips and tricks for soliciting spousal assistance in the comments below. Together, we can create a veritable treasure trove of marital productivity hacks!

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